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Five questions to Mr. Spyros Staveris

*Για την συνέντευξη του Σπύρου Στάβερη στα ελληνικά  παρακαλώ πιέστε εδώ


Spyros Staveris … It is the first time that while writing about a photographer, I didn’t know where to start. What can one say about Spyros Staveris, a photographer who has uniquely recorded the multi-level Greek reality.

No matter what he shoots whether it is the forgotten personalities of Omonoia, or Pina Bausch or even the popular Greek singer Katerina Stanisi, he has the ability to balance his themes, stripping them from their secular, stereotypical profile.

I would like to thank him very much for the time and attention he spent on answering the following five questions.




– What do you have to say about the “invasion” of social media in the field of photography?

– Photography started as a simple act of recording but as it seems in our age it has become a medium that is directly affecting our lives. Through several ways, it has become a kind of Trojan Horse that has the option of altering behaviours, senses, ways of life. At the same time, it builds bridges, adds experiences and brings us closer to the beauty of life.



Do you think photographer ‘s role has changed now compared to the 90’s?

There will always be photographers who record the big social and historical breakthroughs and others who turn to the ephemeral of personal life. The scale might change and certainly the way.



– Do you have any preference on what you like to shoot?

The city – any city – is always the starting  and ending point. It is the primary field of the imaginary, the great promise, the condensation of all possibilities, the great wheel of impulses and surprises. Our breath n, the road gives us our freedom.



– Is there anything in all these years of your career that you believe you have conquered?

– I learned to appreciate the cheap, the small and the unfinished. The more you  practice, the more you gain in range and sharpness, but also in receptivity.  As long as we are not driven by a career logic and we do not get caught up in standards.



– What do you think about the future of photography in Greece?

– It is a remarkable fact that a new generation of Greek photographers has conquered photojournalism, has reached very high levels and has an international presence. Next to this generation, there is a whole galaxy of photographers who either possesses the medium or not, experiments, creates and shares images. and they also gain even more exposure through the increasingly dynamic new Greek sites and blogs which revolve around photography.


You can find Spyros Staveris ‘s blog in Lifo Newspaper: Α/Λ/Μ/Α/Ν/Α/Κ or follow him on his personal account on instagram.