A short interview with Dirty Harrry

Charalampos Kydonakis aka Dirty Harrry is a photographer from the “Island of the Minotaur”. He is a member of the international collective in-public and part of his work have been published in TIME magazine, SFMOMA, iGNANT, lensculture and various other media around the world.

On late September I met him in Athens in Greece for one of his seminars, and he was kind enough to give me this short interview:

Why did you decide to deal with photography?

I started because of architectural studies years ago. Not sure why I continued though. Maybe I ‘ll find out some day, maybe not.



If you were not a photographer is there any other kind of art you would like to follow?

Architecture, which I followed and I would always follow. I like music a lot too.



Is there a limit when you are shooting, and if yes what is it?

When I ‘m not feeling well with something, I usually don’t shoot photos. Also when my feet can’t walk any more. I ‘ve shot some images that I wasn’t thinking of any limits when I shot them, but I didn’t show them afterwards. So maybe some limits exist, if not at shooting, at least at editing.



Where does photography fits in your everyday life? 

It comes, goes, comes again. My photographic time is divided between shooting, searching photographers in the web & editing my blog.


What’s in your bag?

A camera, a flash , batteries, water, my sunglasses & hat.



You can find and follow Dirty Harrry’s work on instagram, Facebook and flickr