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film lovin’ new subject area

Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400

Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400



In the last few days, I added a new subject area in my portfolio site, called analog loving. So this new area is about my work which is captured with film, taken in the last two years that I have been working with this type of photography format. I wanted to experiment on this new for me format, that always fascinated me. I love everything about film and it is true that every click that Ι do is way more meaningful for me than the cold soulless digital click.

I can find a lot of reasons that the impact is different on me, firstly, film photography is more expensive and this makes every frame even more valuable. Secondly, I have limited clicks and this works on my mind as a way to slow things down a bit and to think before clicking. And thirdly, the childish expectation that conquers me, from the moment I shoot a picture till the time I get the photo printed in my hands. Of course no matter the format, film or digital, photography for me is what you want to say, when and if you want to say something.

So to conclude, this new section is all about film and initially you will find some pictures from a recent trip to a beach through a storm.

Thank you,

PS Scroll down to find some additional material of pictures-to-publish.


land of ice

Skógafoss,(Canon 60D, 16-35mm 2.8f)


Hello again,

Today I’ve added some new material from my 2015 trip to Iceland. It is the place that looks the most like the moon out of all the places on earth. It is a cold, unique land with some weird melancholic landscapes. It is the land with the huge ring road that takes you from the one side of the country to the other.

It is difficult for me to explain why a place without any trees, with only soil and sky is one of my favourite places so far. Maybe it is the feeling of loneliness, an artificial and controllable loneliness that is fading away in the huge deserted areas when you are closing the door of your hostel room. It is the place that I felt closer to the stars than ever, that night when we were chasing the aurora borealis.

At this new page of my portfolio site you’ll find a few of my best shots from the land of Iceland. In the near future I am going to publish some film photos in the new-to-come film section.

You can visit the page here.